Model hovercraft (on going)

This project is a side project for the Hague University of applied sciences. Its a replacement project for using drones. The problem with quad copters where the multiple restrictions up on the use and the frequent crashing and breaking of the platform resulting in the need to find a platform that demands the same skill set but safer and easier to develop.

The hovercraft is suppoesed to operate automonous using it's varriaty of sensors. With weight and propultion being an issue. This project is still being in progress. Currently I have tested the platform to be operational, The next step is to have the platform operate on remote command, followed by semi-automatic operation.

The current issues with the platform are the fast response of the ducted fans powered by brushless DC motors. More testing has to occour to find the thrust curve of the motors, cut off time, spin up/down time, and (redundant) safet measures incase of a software failure.

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