Resistor strip cutter (failed)

Made from plywood, printer parts and other spare parts, the purpose of this machine was to provide a cheap way to cut resistors from their ribbons.This design features two HSS cutting wheels machined for the purose of this machine. The cutting wheels are made with a two angeled cutting edge. one providing the cutting edge, one for a greater freeing angel to let the resistors fall into a collection bin. the transporting wheels are made of aluminium not to damage the cutting wheels. A planateury geared motors and aluminium gears for power transmission. The powersupply for the machine comes from a Lab power Supply, connected via two banana plugs.


This project failed to stiffness issues. The plywood was not up to the task and the designs of the joints allowed to much flex into the system. The idea was that with an cutting edge opposite of eachother the side load on the axles and case would me mitigated. in real world testing it resulted that only a few resistors where cutten correctly and the machine would jamm up and grind gears. Adjustments to make this machine work would be a new case out of steel with added renforcements.

In the end it was cheaper to buy a ready made cutter from Aliexpress then it would have been to modify this machine into working  state. While the project was intresting and fun the issues arising forced me to terminate the project.


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